Quad 02

Coxes must use standard commands in all situations. Deviations from the norm can be dangerous.

1:  Taking the boat from the rack and out of the boathouse

  • Hands on! Are you ready? Check lift is clean and not dragged
  • Hold her stroke (bow) side!
  • Bow (stroke) side under!
  • Half turn! Or Downstream/upstream riggers up! This is where the space for rowers plus boat is extremely limited
  • Level!

2:  Putting the boat in the water

  • Hold it stroke (bow) side! Boat rested on thighs. Duck under quickly and hold something substantial i.e. shoulder or carrying bar, not slide runner or stretcher
  • Feel for the edge! With toes if boating from a pontoon
  • Hands under hull!
  • Lower! Check discarded shoes are out of the way and the boat is level and facing upstream

3:  Getting the crew in

  • Hands across! Hands on either saxboard, some weight on arms
  • One foot in! Foot nearest boat onto deck at front stops
  • In! Other foot into shoe and sit. Check blades in and gates locked

4: Check before setting off

  • Number off from bow when ready! Adjust to finish

5:  Paddling off

  • Come forward! Check length of reach
  • Are you ready?
  • Paddle! or better Go!

6:  Stopping (normal)

  • Easy all! Easy as the blade goes in, All as they extract
  • Drop! Blades on water

7:  Stopping (emergency)

  • Easy all - check her! Blades flat and pressed on water
  • Check her hard! Blades reversed in water

8: Vary the pressure

  • Next stroke - (paddle)
  • Light/firm/half pressure! Called on the next stroke

9:  Turning

  • Backstops! Boat level
  • Backing down to bow side! (stroke side)
  • Spin! One side rowing forwards, the other backing down. Unused blades slip across the surface

10:  Manoeuvering

  • Touch her bow! (side), two etc. or Back it down bow! (side), two etc. According to conditions

11:  Rowing in rough conditions or wash

  • Next stroke - feather high! Hands well down

12:  Coming alongside

  • Stroke (bow) side - blades up! Steer at an angle to the stage

13:  Lifting out

  • Hands on - are you ready? Toes on edge, one hand in and one under
  • Spin!

14:  Turning the boat over

  • Hold her stroke (bow) side! Above heads is for experts only!
  • Under bow (stroke) side! Quickly and get opposite riggers
  • Spin!

15:  Wash down

  • Bow and two wash the hull
  • Stroke and three collect blades and return them to the rack
  • Cox hoses down