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Aberdeen HORR

At the Aberdeen Head of the River Races on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November, ASRA crews recorded 4 major category wins against good opposition including crews from Heriott Watt University, Robert Gordon University, Dundee University, Stirling Boat Club and Aberdeen Boat Club.

• Women's R2 Coxed Fours: Lucy Bonnamy, Iona Riley, Catriona Bain & Jamie Steel coxed by Niall Ford

• Men's Novice Fours: Gary Wilson, Lewis Masson, Lewis Morton & Oliver Hamlet coxed by Lewis McCue

• Men's Junior 15 Coxed Fours: Atholl Wallace, Daniel McSherry, Christy Masson & Niall Rundle coxed by Nicolas Riddoch

• Men's Novice Doubles: Gary Wilson & Atholl Wallace

The following crews also won in boat categories where stout opposition was supplied from within our own ranks:

• Women's Junior 16 Coxed Fours: Jamie Steel, Iona Riley, Catriona Bain & Rachael Hadjitofi coxed by Niall Ford

• Men's Junior 16 Fours: Gary Wilson, Oliver Hamlet, Jonathan Wright & Lewis Masson coxed by Katherine Lawrie

• Women's Junior 15 Coxed Fours: Rosie Morton, Laura Smith, Pearl Black & Emily Geddes coxed by Christie Duff

• Men's Novice Coxed Quads: Atholl Wallace, Gary Wilson, Daniel McSherry & Niall Rundle coxed by Katherine Lawrie

• Women's Junior 16 Pairs: Iona Riley & Catriona Bain

• Women's J16 Single Scull: Iona Riley

• Women's Junior 14 Double: Emily Geddes & Holly Reid

• Women's Junior 15 Double: Rosie Morton & Fiona McKinnon

• Men's J14 Double: Robert Hamlet & Blair Sorbie

• Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quads: Holly Reid, Erin Wyness, Christie Duff & Katie Harrower coxed by Daniel McSherry

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At the Tees Head of the River Races on Saturday 27th October, ASRA athletes won two category divisions outright. Iona Riley & Jamie Steel won the Women's Junior Under 18 Double Sculls event and were the fastest junior women overall and the Men's Junior Under 15 Quad Sculls event was won by Niall Rundle, Christy Masson, Daniel McSherry & Atholl Wallace coxed by Blair Sorbie.

Lack of familiarity with the river and and failure to study the course warnings issued with the race instructions resulted in three of our crews being disqualified. Iona, Catriona, Rosie & Jamie and cox Robert - for example - recorded easily the fastest time in Women's S4 Coxed Fours only to be robbed of the pots as a result of passing through an inner arch on one of the road bridges.

That apart, promising performances all round however and a lot to look forward to in the season ahead.

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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

At the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta on Sunday 26th August, lively Junior opposition in the form of crews from Castle Semple and Inverness gave notice that they will be a force to be reckoned with this season at J16 and below.

There was also an early warning for our our senior girls - Jamie Steel, Rachael Hadjitofi, Iona Riley & Lucy Bonnamy - who, like last season at this time, went down to Veteran opposition from ABC in the final of Women's R2 Fours. Admittedly they were without the usual services of university-bound Joy Davies on the day, but still we might expect a little more from 3 Under-18 British Champions.

Elsewhere ASRA recorded a total of 9 wins in a variety of boat categories:

  • WJ 18 2- : Lucy Bonnamy & Rachael Hadjitofi
  • Women's Novice 1x : Lucy Bonnamy
  • Men's Novice 4+: Robert Hamlet, Oliver Hamlet, Daniel McSherry, Lewis Masson & cox Bruce Sorbie
  • WJ 16 2x : Iona Riley & Jamie Steel
  • WJ16 1x : Iona Riley
  • MJ 16 1x : Gary Wilson
  • MJ14 2x : Atholl Wallace & Daniel McSherry
  • MJ 14 1x : Blair Sorbie
  • Mixed Invitation Novice 4x : Katherine Lawrie, Katie Harrower, Bruce Sorbie, Robert Hamlet & cox Blair Sorbie

Grateful thanks to all the parents and FPs who came along to support our team and special thanks once more to Alan Bonnamy for his first-class boat marshalling services.

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Home Countries International Regatta

At the Home Countries International Regatta held on Lough Innescara, Cork, on Saturday 28th July, only two boat classes were contested by Scotland's Junior Women - WJ18 4+ and WJ 2-. Aberdeen Schools' R.A. represented Scotland in both.

In the WJ 2- race, British Champions Claire Innes & Maud van den Broeke of England led our Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies from the 500 mark and never looked like being caught, but in the race for second place against the Irish Pair from Galway RC and the Welsh from Haberdashers Monmouth, our girls beat both handsomely to the line... but not across it! Unbelievably our girls (both blondes) heard the klaxon, stopped rowing at what was the vaguest of finishing lines and were duly overtaken by the Irish!

In the WJ 4+ race, Lucy & Joy were joined by Jamie Steel, late substitute Catriona Bain for Iona Riley and cox Robert Hamlet and led the race again to 500 metres. There the Irish composite from Cork & Coliaste Iognaid Rowing Clubs put in a massive push and left us playing catch-up the rest of the race. Our girls made repeated heroic efforts to close the gap, but to no avail, finishing however a comfortable second ahead of England and Wales.

The girls were a little disappointed but should not have been. As always they did ASRA proud. Given the amount of travelling they had done between the Nat. Champs. and the HIR, the lack of a real rest period had to catch up with them in the end.

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National Rowing Championships of GB

At the National Rowing Championships of Great Britain held at the English National Watersports Centre, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham from the 22nd to the 24th of July, our senior girls (seen right) - Lucy Bonnamy (17) & Joy Davies (17) - teamed up with Iona Riley (15) & Jamie Steel (15) to repeat their Scottish Championship success and bring home a brilliant Gold in the Women's Junior 18 Coxed Fours event. It is almost a decade since ASRA girls stroked by a certain Morag Emery last won Gold at this level.

Later on Sunday, Jamie Steel & Iona Riley were joined by Catriona Bain & Rachael Hadjitofi to win Silver in Women's Junior 16 Coxed Fours. Both crews were steered to victory by Association cox Robert Hamlet(14).

Our WJ18 crew - with Catriona Bain rowing in place of Iona Riley - has duly been selected to row for Scotland at the Home Countries International to be held next weekend at the Irish National Rowing Centre at Inniscara, Cork. Lucy and Joy will also represent Scotland in the Women's Junior Coxless Pairs event.

Things went rather less well in our sculling races. Our girls could only come 5th in the final of Women's Junior 15 Quads and our J14 boys - Atholl Wallace, Daniel McSherry, Bair Sorbie & Niall Rundle - although they show distinct improvement every time they race - had to fight hard to reach 7th place out of 11 in men's

Junior 14 Quads. The fact that only 5 seconds separated places 4 to 7 indicates how tough the competition is south of the border even at J14 level.

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Scottish Rowing Championships

At the Scottish Rowing Championships on the 16th & 17th June at Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, ASRA won a total of 7 Gold Medals and 1 Silver. Pride of place this year goes to the ladies who brought home the lion's share of the medals. No test at WJ2- however for our GB Final Trialists, Lucy & Joy, but their opening win in WJ18 Doubles set off a roll for the girls which culminated in the win in WJ18 Fours over favourites George Heriot's of Edinburgh and almost certain but not yet ratified - selection for the Home Countries Match in Inniscara, Ireland, in July.

    • Women's Junior 18 Doubles - Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies
    • Women's Junior 18 Coxed Fours - Lucy Bonnamy, Joy Davies, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel (cox Bruce Sorbie)
    • Women's Junior 15 Coxed Fours - Jamie Steel, Catriona Bain, Iona Riley, Rachael Hadjitofi (cox Robert Hamlet)
    • Women's Junior 15 Coxed Quads - Jamie Steel, Iona Riley, Catriona Bain, Rachael Hadjitofi (cox Daniel McSherry)
    • Women's Junior 15 Single Sculls: Iona Riley
    • Women's Junior 14 Single Sculls (Silver) - Rachael Hadjitofi
    • Men's Junior 14 Quads - Atholl Wallace, Daniel McSherry, Blair Sorbie, Niall Rundle (cox Bruce Sorbie)
    • Boyd Cup for Best Juniors in their First Year of Rowing - Lewis Masson, Oliver Hamlet, Robert Hamlet, Graham Doig (cox Bruce Sorbie)
    • The MJ14 crew being presented with their medals by Stewart Maxwell MSP, Minister for Community & Sport

Congratulations to all who took part and particularly to Morag Emery's Kincorth & Harlaw beginners who acquitted themselves so admirably against much more experienced opposition from the Glasgow Dry Start programme.

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National Schools Regatta

At the National Schools Regatta at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham where this year 3500 junior rowers from all over Britain contested 50 different events from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of May, members of our club reached two finals out of four events entered, but were unfortunately not able to emulate Iona & Jamie's cup winning performance of 2006.

Our Under 17 girls - Lucy Bonnamy and Joy Davies - in Championship Girls' Pairs produced the best ASRA result of the weekend by coming in a brilliant fourth in the hotly contested final of that event. They had held silver position for a large part of the race, faded a little in the last 500 metres and were unfortunate in the end to be pipped on the line for the bronze by the girls from Lady Eleanor Holles School. This is the best ever performance by an ASRA crew in this the most feared of all girls' sweep events.

Our Under 15 scullers too - Catriona Bain, Rachael Hadjitofi, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel & cox Robert Hamlet - did well to reach the final in Girls' Under 15 Coxed Quads, an event which started off with a massive entry from 33 clubs. At 500 metres to go, less than a second separated the four crews vying for bronze and in a blanket finish ASRA must consider themselves unlucky to have missed out on a medal.

Our Boys' Under 15 Double - Atholl Wallace & Gary Wilson - having won their first eliminator in grand style were unable to reproduce this fine form in the semi-final where their fourth position ruled them out of a place in the final.

Our Under 14 Scullers in a newly formed crew - Niall Rundle, Blair Sorbie, Robert Hamlet, Daniel McSherry & cox Rachael Hadjitofi - found the going predictably tough in Under 14 First Quads and rather shot themslves in their collective feet with a couple of major crabs early in the race, but certainly they too will have gained a great deal from competing at the highest level in British junior rowing.

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NE Regatta on the Dee

The North East Regatta on the Dee on 5/6 May brought excellent competition from our main rivals George Heriot's and George Watson's College of Edinburgh and our scullers in particular found it difficult to live with the blistering pace of our Southern opposition. Nevertheless our ASRA team recorded 7 wins at the in conditions that were far from perfect.

  • Men's Junior 14 Sculls - Atholl Wallace
  • Men's Novice Doubles - Atholl Wallace & Gary Wilson
  • Women's Junior 15 Doubles - Iona Riley & Jamie Steel
  • Women's Junior 15 & Junior 16 Fours - Catriona Bain, Rachael Hadjitofi, Iona Riley & Jamie Steel coxed by Robert Sorbie
  • Women's Novice Doubles - Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies
  • Generation Doubles - Ron Wallace (ABC) & Atholl Wallace (ASRA)
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Strathclyde Park Regatta

At the Strathclyde Park Regatta in Motherwell on 21/22 April ASRA crews racked up a total of 6 Golds and 3 Silvers.

  • WJ15 1x - Iona Riley
  • WJ15 2x - Iona Riley & Jamie Steel
  • WJ15 4+ - Catriona Bain, Rachael Hadjitofi, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel & cox Cara Parker
  • WJ 16 4+ - Catriona Bain, Rachael Hadjitofi, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel & cox Robert Hamlet
  • MJ14 4+ - Niall Rundle, Blair Sorbie, Daniel McSherry, Atholl Wallace & cox Robert Hamlet
  • MJ14 4x+ - Niall Rundle, Blair Sorbie, Daniel McSherry, Atholl Wallace & cox Robert Hamlet
  • Silver went to Catriona Bain in WJ15 1x, to Iona Riley & Jamie Steel in WJ16 2x and to Atholl Wallace in MJ14 1x.

All the winning rowers, it should be noted, attended our Rowing Camp in Gent.

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Gent Spring International Regatta

At the Gent Spring International Regatta 2007 in Belgium on 14th & 15th April ASRA crews put in a series of fine performances in scorching conditions to win two Silvers and two Bronzes rowing against first class opposition from France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and the UK.

  • Womens' Junior 18 Coxless Pairs: Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies (Silver & Bronze)
  • Mens' Junior 16 Double Sculls: Gary Wilson & Atholl Wallace (Silver)
  • Womens' Junior 16 Single Sculls: Catriona Bain (Bronze)

Elsewhere our Girls' Junior 15 Coxless Quad rowing in the Under 16 category - Catriona Bain, Rachael Hadjitofi, Iona Riley & Jamie Steel - were more than a little unfortunate to see themselves placed just out of the medals over the two days for the second year in succession despite a dramatically improved performance on the second day. Our Boys' J14 Quad - again rowing at J16 - also put in a magnificently defiant performance on the Sunday against impossible odds. Special congratulations to Atholl Wallace, Daniel McSherry , Blair Sorbie and Niall Rundle.

Following an excellent camp, all our rowers showed significant improvement over the weekend's racing and were a credit to our colours and our coaching staff. Given continued commitment we can look forward with some confidence to SPR and beyond.

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Scottish Schools' HORR

On Saturday 10th March on the Clyde at the Scottish Schools Head of the River Race, ASRA failed for the first time in a decade to win a divisional pennant. Our Boys' Junior Under 14 Quad - Blair Sorbie, Niall Rundle, Daniel McSherry, Atholl Wallace & cox Robert Hamlet - was the most successful of our crews and came home only 9 seconds adrift of the all-conquering boys of George Watson's College at the end of the 3 kilometre course and our scratch Girls' Junior Under 18 Four - Lucy Bonnamy, Catriona Bain, Danielle McNaughton & Joy Davies - also did reasonably well to finish in a time only 11 seconds short of Strathclyde Park's winning time of 9.44.

Our J15 Boys on the other hand with two complete beginners aboard were given a comprehensive mauling by a brilliant Watsonian J15 quartet which finished the Head as second crew overall, while our Girls' J14 Quad on their first outing as a crew did well not to come in last.

Crumbs of comfort are difficult to find. Hopefully however the message will finally have been brought home to our crews that this drubbing was almost totally attributable to their failure to turn up and train as units on a regular basis (ie 3/4 times per week). Strathclyde Park Regatta is only 6 weeks away!

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Junior GB Trials

At the Junior GB Trials in Boston, Lincolnshire, on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th February, our senior girls - Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies - could only manage 11th place against 14 of the best Women's Junior Pairs in Britain. These girls were contesting places in the British squad for the World Junior Rowing Championships to be held this year in Beijing, China and the Coupe de la Jeunesse which will be held in Varese, Italy. Lucy & Joy must now wait to see whether or not they just have missed the cut-off point for invitations to the next stage in the GB trialling process.

Meanwhile at the SARA Trials held on Sunday in Inverness on the Caledonian Canal, Jonathan Wright & Johnathan Lockhart put up the fastest time in Men's Junior Pairs - albeit in the absence of George Watson's & George Heriot's - and should be invited back to the next stage of the selection process for places in the Scottish team at the Home Countries International Regatta at Inniscara in Ireland.

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Indoor Championships

On Sunday 11th February 10 ASRA rowers brought home from the 2007 Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships at the Time Capsule, Coatbridge a total of 9 category medals - 6 gold, 2 silver and one bronze.

Gold (individual)

Girls Junior 13 - Fiona McKinnon (Robert Gordon's College), Girls Junior 14 - Catriona Bain (Aberdeen Grammar School), Boys Junior 15 - Jonathan Wright (Harlaw Academy), Girls Junior 18 - Joy Davies (Aberdeen Grammar School).

Gold (team)

Boys Junior Team Championship - Jonathan Wright (Harlaw), Johnathan Lockhart (RGC), Gary Wilson (AGS) & amp;Atholl Wallace (Meldrum Academy). Girls Junior Championship - Joy Davies (AGS), Lucy Bonnamy (Cults), Catriona Bain (AGS) & Jamie Steel (Harlaw).


Boys Junior 15 - Johnathan Lockhart (RGC), Girls Junior 18 - Lucy Bonnamy (Cults).


Girls Junior 14 - Rachael Hadjitofi (AGS).

Good performances all round and some indication of how well winter training is going for the more committed members of the club.

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Aberdeen Head of River Dee

At the Aberdeen Head of the River Dee races on the weekend of 4/5 November, Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association members recorded the following category wins:

  •  Women's R2 Pairs: Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies
  •  Women's Novice Fours: Rachael Hadjitofi, Catriona Bain, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel & cox Niall Rundle.
  •  Women's Novice Single Sculls: Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies (First Equal)
  •  Women's J15 Double Sculls: Iona Riley & Jamie Steel
  •  Men's J15 Double Sculls: Gary Wilson & Johnathan Wright
  •  Men's J14 Quadruple Sculls: Blair Sorbie, Niall Rundle, Daniel McSherry, Atholl Wallace & cox Ilyes Dali-Ahmed

Particular congratulations to our J14 boys who finally overcame their formidable opposition from Stirling Boat Club.

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Tees Small Boat HORR

At the annual Tees Small Boats Head of the River Race, Middlesbrough, on Saturday 28th October, ASRA crews racked up 6 category wins over the gruelling five kilometre course.

  • Lucy Bonnamy (Cults Academy) & Joy Davies (Aberdeen Grammar School) - Women's Junior 18 Doubles and the pennant for the fastest Women's Junior Crew overall.
  • Rachael Hadjitofi (Aberdeen Grammar School), Catriona Bain (Aberdeen Grammar School), Iona Riley (Hazlehead Academy) & Jamie Steel (Harlaw Academy) with cox Niall Rundle (Aberdeen Grammar School) - Women's Junior 15 Quadruple Sculls (First Division)
  • Iona Riley (Hazlehead Academy) & Jamie Steel (Harlaw Academy) - Women's Junior 15 Double Sculls (Second Division)
  • Johnathan Lockhart (Robert Gordon's College) - Mens' Junior 16 Single Sculls.
  • Gary Wilson (Aberdeen Grammar School) - Men's Junior 15 Sculls.
  • Atholl Wallace (Meldrum Academy) - Men's Junior 14 Sculls.

A magnificent performance by members of the Association rowing for the first time ever on the Tees.

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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

At the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta on Saturday 9th September there was again unfortunately very little outside competition for our athletes. Stirling, Inverness and ABC did however give us food for thought in a number of events. Results were as follows:

  •  MJ13 1x : Blair Sorbie
  •  MJ14 1x : Atholl Wallace
  •  MJ16 1x, MJ18 1x & MR2 1x : Johnathan Lockhart
  •  MJ14 2x: Atholl Wallace & Blair Sorbie
  •  MJ16 2x: Johnathan Lockhart & Jonathan Wright
  •  WJ16 1x & WR2 1x: Catriona Bain
  •  W Novice 1x: Lucy Bonnamy
  •  WJ16 2x: Jamie Steel & Iona Riley
  •  WJ18 2x: Jamie Steel & Iona Riley
  •  WJ18 2- : Joy Davies & Lucy Bonnamy
  •  Mixed R2 2x: Joy Davies & Colin Wallace

Disappointing results for our perhaps overly complacent WR2 Coxed Four and Coxless Pair who were beaten comprehensively by an extremely neat quartet from Aberdeen Boat Club - Margaret Cottam, Mette Jacobsen, Angela Ogier & Vanessa Duncan - and Stirling clearly still have the beating of us in J14 Quads.

Atholl Wallace and new partner Blair Sorbie with their excellent row in MJ14 Doubles gave notice however that Stirling may not have it all their own way in 2007. Star discovery of the day was without doubt our WJ15 sculler Catriona Bain who made a nonsense of our established sculling ladder and in a whole series of powerful and elegant performances threw down the gauntlet for the season ahead.

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Home Countries International

At the Home Countries Rowing International 2006 hosted this year by Scotland at Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, our 4 ASRA Scottish caps played a major role in securing second place ranking overall in the Junior Girls section of the competition. Joy Davies (Stroke) & Lucy Bonnamy (Bow) selected as a "development pair" after their Gold at the National Championships of Great Britain, showed remarkable composure for 16-year olds at this level and having left the Welsh at the start, rowed through the English National Schools pairs finalists from St. Leonards of Durham in the last quarter of the race to finish strongly only a length and a half behind the brilliant Coupe de la Jeunesse pairing from Ireland.

They then joined clubmates Seonaid Crosby at 6 and Jamie Steel in the cox seat in the Scottish Junior Girls' Eight to beat the English National Schools Champions from Thames-based Molesey Boat Club into third place and end again a highly respectable second behind the all-conquering girls from Ireland's Coupe squad.

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National Rowing Championships

National Schools' victors Jamie Steel (Stroke) & Iona Riley (Bow) who held Silver medal position for most of a strongly contested Women's Under 14 Double Sculls final, launched a massive final push with 750 metres to go, collided with a buoy in the process and slipped sadly out of medal contention. Missed Bronze by a second. Congratulations to all our athletes most of whom produced SBs despite the sweltering heat.

Four ASRA girls have been chosen to represent Scotland at the Home Countries Rowing International to be held at Strathclyde Park next weekend: Joy Davies & Lucy Bonnamy in the Women's Junior Coxless Pair, Seonaid Crosby, Joy Davies & Lucy Bonnamy in the Women's Junior Eight and Jamie Steel will cox the Women's Junior Eight.


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Scottish Rowing Championships

At the Scottish Rowing Championships at Strathclyde Park on the 10/11 June, ASRA racked up a total of 7 Gold Medals, two more than at the same event in 2005.

Our ASRA Girls took all four titles in the Women's Junior Under 14 Division in both the sweep and sculling disciplines. Rachael Hadjitofi (Bow), Catriona Bain (2), Iona Riley (3), Jamie Steel (Stroke) coxed by Niall Rundle won Women's Under 14 Coxed Fours & Coxed Quads, Iona and Jamie not unexpectedly repeated their National Schools win in Women's Under 14 Doubles and Iona completed the set with an brilliant individual virtuoso performance in Women's Under 14 Single Sculls. With Katie Hiscox for Rachael Hadjitofi in Bow, Catriona Bain (2), Iona Riley (3), Jamie Steel (Stroke) then went on to win the Women's Junior Under 15 Coxed Fours event.

Elsewhere our Novice Boys - Lewis Masson (Bow), Evgenij Sinclair(2), William Vickers(3), Tom Hunter(Stroke) & cox Niall Rundle - put up an extremely gutsy - if not always elegant - performance to bring home the Boyd Cup and Girls' Captain Lucy Bonnamy & partner Joy Davies saved an otherwise fairly bleak weekend for our senior girls with a stylish win in Women's Junior Under 16 Pairs.

Congratulations to all who took part - winners and losers - and our grateful thanks to all the parents who undertook the long journey south to support the squad and to those parents and supporters in particular who once again rolled up their sleeves and helped unload the trailer and stow away our equipment in record time at the end of a very long weekend.

ASRA WJ15 4+ moving through Heriot's at the 750 metres mark


Iona Riley powering her way to Gold in WJ14 Single sculls


Blair Sorbie putting in a brave effort to stay with the leaders in MJ12 Single sculls


WJ14 Coxed Quad at the winners' pontoon


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National Schools' Regatta

At the prestigious National Schools' Regatta at the English National Watersports Centre, Nottingham on 26 - 28 May, where annually around 3500 rowers contest 48 different rowing events, ASRA's Junior Under 14 Scullers - Iona Riley (Hazlehead Academy) & Jamie Steel (Harlaw Academy) won Gold and the Tristan Hewins Cup for their outstanding performance in the Girls' Double Sculls event beating the best scullers in their age group over three rounds from 20 Clubs all over England. This is the first time in 40 years that Aberdeen rowers have brought home Gold from this, the biggest and toughest Junior rowing regatta in Britain.

Both our J14 Boys Double - Gary Wilson & Atholl Wallace - and our J18 Girls - Joy Davies, Beady Rice, Seonaid Crosby, Lucy Bonnamy & cox Jamie Steel - were unfortunate to be drawn in the tougher of the two semis on offer in their respective events and to end up fourth in both with times that would have seen them qualify comfortably for the final, had they been in the other semi. Our J16 Girls - our J18s with Danielle McNaughton replacing Seonaid Crosby – were also more than a little unlucky - having survived the processional elimination process in some style - to be allocated lane 1 in their semi - the observably slowest of all the lanes in the prevailing wind conditions on Sunday. It cannot be denied however that the SQA exams which are now in full swing and the consequent lack of crew outings have definitely left their mark on both the technique and fitness levels of our senior girl rowers in particular.

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