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Learn to Row

We invite applications for the following Learn to Row courses from young people who are in Secondary education or those starting S1 after the summer break.

LTR 1: 20th – 24th Jul 13.00 - 17:00 (Open)

LTR 2: 27th – 31st Jul 08:30 – 12:30 (Boys only)

LTR 3: 3rd – 7th August 13:00 - 17:00 (Girls only),

These LTR weeks cost £75 per person, but are heavily subsidised by ASRA and there is an expectation that if your son / daughter wishes to continue rowing after the LTR week, then this will be done with ASRA.

Priority will be given to those young people who have not attended a learn to row course previously.

The ASRA boathouse is situated on South Esplanade West, Torry.

Your child will need a snack and a water bottle each day. As rowing is a demanding sport it is important to keep energy levels topped up and to remain hydrated throughout.

You will need basic outdoor PE kit to take part. It is important to pack enough kit for two separate outdoor sessions a day and a light waterproof in the event of rain. A change of socks is important as they can get wet whilst getting in and out of the boats. Obviously, the weather can be very varied, so please pack accordingly.

Noted below is an outline of the programme for the week. Days are split into two sessions with a break in between for a snack and rest:

                     Session 1                                                                        Session 2

Monday:       Land Based - Technique on rowing machines                Water Session - Introduction to rowing

Tuesday:       Outing 1 – Re-cap on yesterday                                     Outing 2 – Further technique work

Wednesday: Outing 1 – Rowing games                                               Outing 2 – Explore the River Dee

Thursday:     Outing 1 – Smaller Boats                                                 Outing 2 – Manoeuvring skills

Friday:          Outing – Mini Regatta                                                      Finish up

The coaches involved are qualified Scottish Rowing Coaches who are insured and fully disclosed. Application forms may be downloaded from our website. Places are however limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Download an Application Form here


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